Polyjuice Potion Pasta – A Wizarding World Recipe

This here is a brand new blog, so please, bare with whilst I get everything in tip-top order and sorted out just how I want it. I decided it was time for some change, and have chosen to experiment with WordPress, as this is a blog format I can see myself supporting for some time. It’s much more photography friendly, less ‘wordy’ if you will? So whilst I’m feeling inspired and have a few days off between switching jobs, I know, it’s all very exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking if you ask me. I thought I’d have a go at re-vamping the blog, ready for 2017 – little did I know it would involve setting up a brand new one – Oops?

Anyway, I’ve been incredibly inspired by the Wizarding World recently, what with the release of the brilliant ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’, and the classic Christmas Harry Potter repeats on TV. I ask you dear reader, how could I not be inspired.

I am currently conjuring up something involving some creepy pea soup *nudge nudge*, but for now, I’m trying to use up some of those pesky Christmas leftovers. I made this pasta tonight, and had Harry in mind, and viola, Polyjuice Potion Pasta was born! It looks gross, but tastes so creamy, decadent and divine, you’ll never go to real cream again. Continue reading “Polyjuice Potion Pasta – A Wizarding World Recipe”