My Orlando Holiday – A Recap – Part One

Unfortunately dear Reader, I am back from Orlando. Meaning I am back in the cold and gloom of Surrey, which, when compared to the heat and sun of Orlando, leaves a lot to be desired.

Nevertheless I am very much of the opinion that using photos and videos from your vacations, is a great and cathartic way to re-live all of the fun times that you may have had. And I personally, had a lot of fun!

If you’d like to see the holiday in 20-20 vision – check out my vlogs over on my YouTube channel, I vlogged every day of the holiday and am currently uploading them all onto my channel. However I am trying to space them out a bit, don’t want to overrun my channel with vlogs!

So here’s a little (pretty long let’s face it’s probably going to be a two-parter) post that’ll wrap up just about everything I did on my fantastic two-week vacation. Continue reading “My Orlando Holiday – A Recap – Part One”