Veg Out Lattice Slices Weekly Review

This week I’ve decided to try out the VegOut pastries as my lunches at work, and I have all the details. I thought these would be a good thing to try, because they’re great if you’re in a town centre with an Holland and Barrett, and need a quick go-to bite to eat that you don’t have to fuss about preparing. Or something you can sling in your bag early in the morning for lunch at work or school, or even on a picnic.

I decided to try the three flavours for lattice slice that they had in stock at my local Holland and Barrett, No Chorizo and Mixed Bean, Steakless Bake and No Duck and Hoisin Style Sauce. I’m going to write about them in worst to best order.


No Duck and Hoisin Style Sauce 

One, why ‘Hoisin Style’ why not just stick proper hoisin sauce in this thing?  I was dreading this one in particular, there just is no appeal at lunchtime to gorge myself on duck and hoisin. I was pretty spot on with my assumptions, there’s a lot of pastry and very little filling, and what filling there is – bad. It weirdly tastes like cinnamon, and possibly some other spices, but definitely cinnamon which is absolutely misplaced, and actually made this so hard to eat I binned it a third of the way through. Wouldn’t recommend this one.


No Chorizo and Mixed Bean

This one, whilst not being a hair on the best, is much better than the faux duck pastry. A lot of pastry with a very small amount of filling, but rather than being smokey and spicy like you’d presume with chorizo, it’s pretty tomatoey with a few chunks of faux chorizo. I’ve had faux chorizo which wasn’t bad in the Vegi Deli products at H&B, but this was just pretty flavourless chunks of faux meat. This one wasn’t at all spicy, and had a weird and definitely artificial bright orange colour inside. That all aside, if they’d made this a spicy bean pastry it would’ve worked. Better than the duck but nowhere near as good as the steak.


Steakless Bake

The Steakless Bake blew me away, I used to really love steak and onion pastries and pies, and this one was really good. Despite being a tad pale on the outside, this one really does taste and smell like a steak pastry! I absolutely loved it, and will be getting more on my trip to H&B this Monday. The pastry wasn’t too full of onions, and the gravy was rich and dark, the ‘steak’ pieces weren’t chewey or an unusual texture and all-in-all this one is definitely the one I’d reach for if I were in town and needed a lunch on the go.

Have you ever tried any of these, or anything like these? Which one is your favourite?

I’m looking at trying some of the other Veg Out products this coming week, so keep your eyes peeled for more reviews and some awesome vegan recipes coming up!




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