A brief summary of this Blog – Am I Mr.Potato Head?

I’ve tried writing this post a couple of times now, and just cannot seem to get it quite right. This is just a small, hopefully short, post in which I’ll try to sum up some of my aims and plans for ‘The Glass Doubloon’, just so you can see what’s going on.

I will obviously continue to create, and write about TV and Film food. I absolutely love it, and I don’t think you’ll ever find a plain recipe on here, I aim to always add some of my illustrative, creative flair, to make this blog unlike most other ‘health’ or ‘veggie’ websites out there. My aim is to inject some actual fun into veggie food, rather than listing the apparent eighty-five benefits of a handful of spinach, I aim to display the sheer amount of enjoyment you can have eating veggie.

At the same time, my intention was never for this to be an exclusively food-related blog. It will, mostly, revolve around food and flavour, but I would like to inject some more lifestyle-related posts at the same time. Whilst still staying true to my foodie heritage.

I absolutely love travelling, and hope that you will enjoy some posts on travelling, tips, tricks, hacks and of course the food I consume on my adventures!

I’m taking a holiday to Orlando in April, and absolutely cannot wait to share all of my favourite tips and tricks with you. As well as all of the restaurants and bakeries, I and my family visit whilst there. I love travelling, and have a lot of information and experience to share, and I hope you’ll enjoy my writing on those, as much as my recipes and concoctions.

As I said, don’t worry that this will start becoming some over the top, flappy, elegant fashion and style blog. I am neither flappy, nor elegant, in fact, picture me as Mr.Potato Head – with a bigger bum, and less self-esteem. Maybe one day, you’ll get some fashion posts, but for right now, this is a serious food, travel and lifestyle blog, and I do hope you like it!




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