Nana Possible’s Lemon Bars – A Kim Possible Recipe

I’ve just recently been watching some old episodes of Kim Possible. It was one of, if not my favourite cartoon as a kid, so when starting up a more food-orientated blog, it was one of my first ports-of-call.

I remembered all kinds off cartoon food, particularly ‘THE NACO!’, which I aim to have a recipe up for by the end of this month. But today, I have one of Drakken’s favourite foods, although he probably wouldn’t admit it…Nana Possible’s Lemon Bars!

Now these aren’t your traditional lemon bars, because, I didn’t google, and also I didn’t make the mix from scratch. Instead, I used a great vegan hack – instead of using eggs etc. Just add 12floz of fizzy drink! I know!

You will want to start by popping the oven on at whatever is stated on your cake mix packet. You’re also going to need to line your pan or pans.


Nana Possible’s Lemon Bars


  • 1 Pack Lemon Cake Mix – I used Betty Crocker’s ‘Zesty Lemon’
  • 1 Pot Lemon Flavour Buttercream
  • 12floz Lemonade
  • 2tbsp Caster Sugar
  • 1tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 1tbsp Icing Sugar


  1. Pop your cake mix in a large bowl, and add in the lemonade. Mix and pop the mix into your baking tins and into the oven and whatever temperature is on your cake packet.
  2. Once cooked and cooled, mix the caster sugar and lemon juice together. Keep a pinch of sugar aside for later.
  3. Make some small holes in your cake with a toothpick, then spoon over the sugar and lemon juice mixture. As much as you fancy, but not enough to make the cake sopping – that won’t be pleasant.
  4. Once soaked in, and the top of the cake is slightly sticky, spread your icing on top. Sprinkle over the small amount of left over caster sugar, and sieve over your icing sugar.

Et voila – ridiculously easy, super light and moist lemon cake bars! Yum!!





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